Centerless Grinding 101 with Romas Juodvalkis

By Lloyd and Noah Graff

In April of 2010 Lloyd and Noah Graff interviewed Romas Juodvalkis, owner of Allways Precision, a rebuilder of centerless grinders, to get an education on the process of centerless grinding.

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One thought on “Centerless Grinding 101 with Romas Juodvalkis

  1. LloydLloyd

    I am sensitive to your comment> Noah and I try to mix it up on the blog so our audience is often surprised, My working premise is that our readers are very astute people with a variety of interests like we do.
    I want to reach them at different touch points, thus recent comments about autism, basketball, economics, centerless grinding Romi trying to buy Hadinge and of course my much maligned piece on Obamacare.
    Some readers will only read stuff that they think will directly affect their business life and others couldn’t care less about reading machining material. I want to reach everybody I can, thus the variety of blog pieces. We get about 6000 opens on a blast so I figure a lot of folks like a lot of things we write about, but we will never please everybody every time.


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