3 Ways to Impress Parts Buyers and Win More Business

By Jason Ray, CEO of Paperless Parts, featured on Industry Today

The fastest, most fool-proof way to win more business is to understand the customer. Many job shops think they already know their customers well, but part buyers expectations are not the same as they were 10 years ago.

Today’s buyers have built their careers alongside the Amazon effect – coming to expect easy, seamless, digital transactions, as well as rapid turnaround times, from every brand. While the expectations of custom parts buyers are changing with Industry 4.0, many job shops are not prepared to meet these demands.

Paperless Parts surveyed more than 400 parts buyers to help job shops improve their business strategies in a post-Amazon era. The 2020 Part Buyer Expectations Survey Report discovered how buyer expectations and habits have shifted, and what job shops can do to catch up and keep competitive. Based on these findings, there are three tips for job shops to immediately impress parts buyers and start winning more business.

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