3 Ways to Improve CNC Utilization Without Sacrificing Safety

By Mike Lynch, Founder and President, CNC Concepts, Inc.

I once heard a colleague say, “Safety, ease of use, efficiency: pick two.” It can be difficult to strike a balance among these three productivity-affecting qualities. Anything done to improve one can potentially degrade the others. Efforts to improve efficiency, for example, might involve dangerous shortcuts or overly complicated tasks.

Companies seeking to improve their CNC machine utilization usually do so for the following reasons:

  • To increase production from every CNC machine – Higher output means greater profit.
  • To reduce manufacturing costs – Lower costs mean a company can offer lower prices, enhancing its ability to compete.
  • To free people to do other tasks – When machines finish production runs faster, personnel can move on to new assignments.

For these reasons, always…(Read the Full Article on Modern Machine Shop)

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