5 steps to turning your art into a business

By John Endris

Transitioning from someone who creates art to someone who sells his or her art for profit can be difficult. As David Deeds, Schulze Professor of Entrepreneurship at University of St. Thomas, wrote in “To Turn Your Art Into a Business, Learn to Manage Your Time,” you may want to find a partner to help run the business. But in his new book, “The Paid Artist: How to Make Your Art Into a Business,” artist and self-proclaimed business geek John Endris offers five steps to get started on your own. Here is an excerpt from the book about them.

It may be painful to reflect on the financial aspects of your undefinable contribution, but by doing so you will take the guesswork out of your livelihood. This way, you can determine how much you need to earn or save to cover your expenses and create your goals and milestones around.

A few questions you’ll want to answer to help you begin making your art into a business: What do comparable artists charge? What is the minimum you can pay yourself? What have you sold your art for in the past? How much does it cost to produce one piece of art?

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