7 Tips for Programming Ceramic Cutting Tools

By Matt Danford, Senior Editor of Modern Machine Shop

Ceramic tools require different thinking and a willingness to tweak tool paths developed with carbide in mind.


For some shops, the flexibility of inserted carbide cutting tools might be too much of a good thing. “Carbide is safe and easy to use,” says Steven Howard, engineering and marketing manager for NTK Cutting Tools. The problem is that better-performing options can be easily overlooked—or worse, dismissed for the wrong reasons. “I’ve heard so many people say, ‘We tried ceramic cutting tools, but they didn’t work,’” he says. “Most of the time it was because they were making mistakes.”

Ceramic tools require more care than their carbide cousins, Mr. Howard explains. They operate according to fundamentally different principles. And yet, CAM programs written by newcomers to these tools often reveal no difference in approach to plotting tool motion or selecting parameters such as feeds, speeds and cutting depths. In these cases, results tend to be…

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