Basics of Centerless Grinding: Cutting Tool Engineering

By Christine Evans, Director of Product Marketing & Content Strategy at Fictiv

Centerless grinding is a metalworking process that includes both turning and grinding. It can be used to make cylindrical shapes from flat or rectangular workpieces. The centerless grinder uses a rotating cutting tool called the “center” to grind material away while simultaneously rotating the workpiece around its axis, which causes it to become shorter in length as the material is removed.

Parts made using centerless grinding include machine tooling parts as well as automotive components like crankshafts and connecting rods.

One advantage offered by this technique is the speed at which workpieces can be processed. Because there is no need to change tools, there is the ability to go directly from turning to grinding while rotating the workpiece around its axis. As long as there is enough room on the lathe chuck, both end faces of cylindrical parts can be…

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