Deburring for Extremely Hard Metal Parts

By Jeff Elliot on American Machinist

A wheel brush is usually the right approach for a job that calls for surface finishing, cleaning, polishing, deburring, edge blending or removal of paint, rust or other contamination. These are a type of power brush that are motor-driven and may feature an arbor hole or keyway that supports their use with grinding equipment or CNC machinery.

Wheel brushes are circular in shape with uniform distribution of the fill materials extending radially from the center core to the periphery. When metal wire filaments are used, they are excellent tools for light deburring, edge blending and general surface finishing. The brushing action occurs at the edge or face of the tool on machined parts, such as steel shafts, gears, turbine blades, or extrusion cut-offs.

However, when harder materials are involved, wire filaments can…(read the complete article on American Machinist)

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