Dumping, Cheating And Illegality: Trump Misleads The Public On Steel Tariffs

Courtesy of Forbes. By Phil Levy

As President Trump stood with officials from his administration and a collection of steel and aluminum workers late last week, he explained why he was about to sign a proclamation for new tariffs on the industries. What had brought on this new protection?

“It’s a process called dumping. And they dumped more than at any time, on any nation, anywhere in the world.”

The president’s supporters in this cause repeated the charge. Richard Trumka, head of the AFL-CIO, justified the new tariffs on steel and aluminum:

“We need to protect our industries from cheating. That’s what these tariffs can do. … We shouldn’t lose because they’re cheating, they’re dumping, to the disadvantage of American workers.”

The only problem with this marketing campaign is that it’s false. The recent tariffs proposed by the president formally have nothing whatsoever to do with cheating or dumping.

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