From the Shop Floor to the Top Floor

By Victoria Clayton

Todd Adlon, president of American Manufactured Inc. in Millerstown, Pennsylvania, talks about the journey in taking a leap of faith and starting his own CNC machining business.

People always ask me why, after 20 years of working for a larger machine shop, where I ran CNC milling machines, programmed CNC machines, ordered materials, inspected parts and was pretty much involved in every aspect, would I then decide to go start my own machine shop. Well, it was more serendipity than an actual decision. My old shop had a major slowdown after losing its biggest client, and then somebody offered to sell me a mill and a lathe. I had considered starting my own CNC machine shop for many years. I even saved money for the machine down payments. So, in April 2016, I took a leap because I saw that my former employer had focused too much on one major client. When that client changed management and started sending its machining work overseas, we were left high and dry. I thought I might do better on my own, going after a variety of smaller clients instead of just one behemoth, and I opened American Manufactured Inc. (AMI). That’s when things started to get interesting.

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