In the Super Bowl City, Building the Rings

Courtesy of The New York Times. By KEN BELSON

MINNEAPOLIS — The sporting world will have to wait until Sunday night to find out whether the New England Patriots or the Philadelphia Eagles will win the Super Bowl. Jostens, the Minnesota company that has made rings for the winning and losing teams for decades, doesn’t have that luxury.

Early last month the country’s largest ring manufacturer began developing designs for the 12 teams that had qualified for the playoffs, using their logos, home cities, even details from their playoff runs. Once the winner is crowned, Jostens can quickly call the team owner with its ideas, in hopes of getting the contract to make the most iconic ring in sports.

“Each story will create some uniqueness,” said Chris Poitras, the chief operating officer of the pro sports, college and specialty division at Jostens, which is based here in the Super Bowl host city. “If the Pats win, it’ll be their sixth, and we’ve already done the first five. If it’s the Eagles, we know in January there is a chance they’ll want emeralds” to match the primary color of the team’s uniforms.

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