Small Businesses Find Micro-Influencers A Good Marketing Avenue

Courtesy of Forbes. Dinah Wisenberg Brin

To help market their mason jar rack, the team behind Mason Jar Storage reached out to micro-influencers – social media personalities with relatively small but loyal and engaged niche audiences.

The move to tap influencers in the canning, home crafts and cooking verticals proved successful, according to Alon Popilskis, who handles marketing for Mom’s Mason Jar Rack, a product developed by a small Los Angeles-area business called Otter Lab.

“We decided to work with micro-influencers as opposed to larger-scale influencers due to budget as well as due to the fact that micro-influencers, even though they have smaller audiences, have a more engaged and targeted following, leading to better use of money spend,” Popilskis said.

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