The SpaceX Falcon rocket video is amazing for the landing — and the explosive celebration by Elon Musk’s employees

Courtesy of Washington Post. By Jena McGregor

Much has been made of SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s seemingly super-human work ethic, his 80- to 100-hour work weeks, his relentless pursuit of his uncommon ambition. A recent biography reported an unflattering anecdoteabout his response to an employee missing an event for a child’s birth — a story Musk has denied — as well as that he once said if he could find a way not to eat so he could have more time for work, he would.

While that kind of intensity might not create the environment many people want to work in, the video of the successful Falcon 9 rocket landing Monday night reminded us of one big reason many very smart, driven and talented people do.

The most powerful thing about the video of the successful launch and landing of the first stage of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, of course, was watching the achievement itself. For the first time, a 229-foot rocket took off, deployed 11 satellites into orbit and then landed upright and unscathed, like a pencil landing on its eraser after being catapulted over the Empire State Building.

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