Utah manufacturing leaders using social media to attract millennials

Courtesy of Daily Herald. By Karissa Neely

Silicon Slopes is blooming, but as Clint Betts, executive director at Silicon Slopes, always likes to remind business leaders, the tech industry needs to ensure that it doesn’t rise “while the rest of Utah falls or remains stagnant.”

One area of concern for many Utah business leaders is manufacturing. That industry is key to almost every other industry. And it is also essential to Utah’s healthy economy.

“Manufacturing is not dead,” wrote Eric Doxey Boud, a manufacturing consultant, in an Aug. 9 Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute post. “Manufacturing is very much alive and well in the U.S. There are domestic manufacturers for just about any product you can think of, and there has been incredible growth in the industry due to new technologies and processes.”

That is just as true in Utah as it is elsewhere.

“From diapers to doughnuts, rockets to blenders, electronics to medical devices, and parts for airplanes and other items — all of these are manufactured here,” said Todd Bingham, president of the Utah Manufacturers Association.

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