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PMPA National Technical Conference 2021, August 8-10

PMPA National Technical Conference 2021

Rudy Ruettiger, the famous football walk-on from the University of Notre Dame, will motivate everyone in the keynote speech. The NTC features 27 interactive sessions focused on precision machining. Performers from precision machining shops will benefit from the four tracks: Fundamentals, Mastery, Administrative and Job Layout. Topics include GD&T, materials, CNC, Swiss, CAM, continuous improvement, culture, audits and an escape room where teams work together to “win the contract!”

Find out more at:

Huntington Convention Center
300 Lakeside Ave E
Cleveland, OH United States of America
(216) 928-1600

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New PJ 303X 5-Axis Machining Center From Mitsui Seiki Provides High Precision and Versatility For Processing Smaller Workpieces

[Franklin Lakes – July 2021] Mitsui Seiki’s new PJ 303X 5-axis machining center provides maximum precision and versatility in processing of workpieces up to 230mm tall and 280mm in diameter (9″ x 11″), and 20 kg (44 lbs.) in weight. Typical applications cover an extensive range of critical parts such as lens molds, medical products, EDM electrodes and fuel cell components. 

The machine’s X-, Y-, and Z-axis travels are 300mm, 325mm, and 200 mm (11.8″, 12.8″, 7.9″) respectively. A-axis rotation is +40˚ to -100˚, and the C-axis rotates a full 360˚. High-speed linear motors move the X-, Y- and Z-axes, while the rotary axes employ direct-drive motors. Rapid traverse speed for the X-, Y-, and Z-axes is 20 m/min (66 ft/min).

A 50,000-rpm, HSK-E25 taper spindle offers high-speed machining capability. An automatic tool changer engineered to store up to 24 tools as large as 40mm (1.57″) in diameter and 120mm (4.7″) in length provides tooling versatility. 

To maximize precision, the sliding machine surfaces of the PJ 303X are hand-scraped. 

Advanced spindle thermal displacement technology is standard, including a symmetrical gantry column structure that accommodates thermal deformation fluctuations and a thermal compensation mechanism for the machine spindle/head. 

Operator-friendly features further enhance precision, including a 380mm (15″) color display with touch panel capability than can be moved to the most convenient position relative to the work envelope. The machine’s double-stage rotary door provides wide access for visibility and setup. 

The PJ 303X consumes a compact 1,755 mm (5.75′) x 2,370mm (7.77′) x 2,655 (8.7′)
(W x L x H) of floor space, and weighs approximately 4,500 kg (9,900 lbs) 

Mitsui Seiki USA chief operating officer Bill Malanche said, “The compact PJ 303X machining center provides high precision, speed and versatility for the processing of an important range of part sizes across a wide variety of applications.” 

For more information, contact Mitsui Seiki at (201) 337-1300,

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Obituary: Edward E. Gallucci

Edward E. Gallucci

January 11, 1949 – July 16, 2021

It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden passing of Logan Clutch Parts and Service Manager, Ed Gallucci.

Ed was loved by many and known by all. A mentor to many Logan Sales Engineers and fellow employees over the years, Ed enjoyed sharing stories of his days as Parts and Service Manager at National Acme, or his days as a member of a rock band during high school and college. Ed was an avid Model Railroader (O-gauge), a member of the Pontiac Club and more recently the Corvette Club (he loved is yellow 2000 Corvette).  At the age of 65, Ed entered the world of boating and later sailing – making his way around the Lake Erie Islands with family and in-laws.    Ed and his wife Sue were inseparable, spending lots of time together with their children and grandchildren on many trips and adventures.

Ed started his career with Logan in 1998, after a successful 30-year career as Parts and Service Manager for National Acme, a Cleveland based OEM of Multiple Spindle Screw Machines. Out of several hundred Acme employees, Ed was one of the last to leave, and for those of you who knew Ed, you knew why. Ed LOVED National Acme Screw Machines and the Screw Machine market. Ed could recite chapter and verse any Acme parts and service manual, machine serial number and machine attachment in detail. Ed joined Logan Clutch since Logan was a key supplier of clutches and controls to National Acme – this gave Ed the chance to continue his career in screw machines, selling Logan product into that market.

He is survived by his wife Sue, children Sandra and Robyn Gallucci and Grandchildren.

Visitation will be held Friday July 23rd from 4-8PM at DeJohn Funeral Home, 28890 Chardon Road, Willoughby Hills 28890. A Memorial and Service will be held Saturday, at the same location at 10:00 AM.

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Laserax Simplifies Laser Cleaning in EV Battery Production with New Turnkey Machine

Quebec City, Canada, July 12, 2020 – In line with the rise of the EV industry, Laserax releases a turnkey solution made specifically to clean battery modules on conveyor lines. The Battery Cleaning Machine can be powered by up to 500W of laser power to minimize cycle time when preparing surfaces for welding. It also offers unmatched cleaning quality assisted by cameras.

The laser process and optical configuration were developed to address safety concerns specific to the EV industry, where high-heat levels could lead to accidents or cause serious damage. While the laser process minimizes heat dispersion, the optical components are monitored and automatically shut down if they do not behave as they should.

“The EV industry brings new requirements that are forcing automotive manufacturers to rethink their production processes,” says Alex Fraser, CTO. “As a green process, laser technology is an important ally in this transition, and we want to make it easily accessible with our new Battery Cleaning Machine.”

To meet evolving needs of battery manufacturers, the machine includes a flexible door system that allows loading modules different ways into the machine. Modules can be loaded manually, with a robot, or via conveyor. Other options include:

  • A gantry system that moves the laser head to clean large modules and reach all battery cells and busbars. 
  • Cameras that measure all individual cell locations and adjust laser cleaning accordingly. 
  • An HMI control panel that provides direct access to laser parameters near the machine


Founded in 2010 by two laser physicists, Laserax provides manufacturing industries with cutting edge laser technology. Their laser solutions include OEM systems and engineered solutions for marking, cleaning, texturing, and hardening applications. With offices and local partners all over the world, their global presence is rapidly growing.

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Rapid Response Cell Works for Everyone

By Randy Dennison

Metal fabrication and machine shops, like most businesses face various challenges. These may include the following: keeping quality products competitively priced, meeting industry-standard lead times, staying up to date with knowledge and technology to name a few. Some fabrication and machine shops like Decimet Sales Inc., (DSI) located in the Minneapolis, MN area, offer a service called rapid prototyping. Rapid Prototyping is a fast-fabricating or machining process that utilizes CAD design professionals along with high-speed CNC Machining or metal fabrication equipment to build a physical product in an accelerated timeframe.  

One of the issues that rapid prototyping shops deal with is production inefficiencies. When a customer needs a prototype built in a short period of time, long-run production projects may have to be put on hold to make way for the rapid prototype production. When this happens, set-up time for the prototyping work and costs as well as scheduling conflicts increase. Frustrations levels increase because now the machine operators must stop their long-run production, tear down the machines and get them set up for the prototyping work. Then when that is complete, they must tear them down again and set them back up to complete the long-run projects. It is a tedious and stressful situation because now the long-run production project may not be completed on-time or on-budget. Quality and lead times may also suffer. Above that, other customer jobs in the queue may not be completed on-time and on-budget. This translates into a decrease in customer satisfaction, a loss in sales and lower margins.  

Short- and Long-Run Production Conflicts

What can a metal fabrication or machine shop do to avoid the conflicts outline above? What we did at DSI was to set up what we call a Rapid Response Cell (RRC). RRC was created to be an independent work cell with dedicated machines and workers used for short-run production and prototype work while long-run production remains uninterrupted. 

First, the RRC was set up in response to major scheduling issues in the fabrication shop due to pausing long-run jobs, to allow for prototypes and short-run jobs to be completed. Secondly, we needed to eliminate the added time and expense needed to tear down a machine to make it ready for the short-run production. We really needed to find a way for us to do each type of job smoothly and simultaneously while staying competitive in both types of production.

In addition, before the RRC, there were cases in which we were unable to get accurate start and end dates due to the constant interruptions being caused by prototype, re-work, and short-run jobs. Those issues began causing the scheduled delivery dates to become unmanageable. We were not able to satisfy our customers to the standard that we hold ourselves to.

As scheduling conflicts increased, our managers, owners, engineers, and personnel at DSI came together as a team to brainstorm ideas on how to effectively fix the issues without causing more problems later down the line (which as most people in the manufacturing industry know, can happen). There were several great ideas from all areas of the company and through them we were able to agree that the Rapid Response Cell was our best choice.

The Rapid Response Cell Setup

The RRC is set-up in a specific area of the shop – one in the fab shop and one in the machine shop. Jobs that have a due date of less than 1 week, less than 50 pieces or re-work parts are routed to the RRC using a special prefix in the job number. Labor hours are costed the same as other work centers, giving customers another reason to utilize the RRC. When there are no RRC jobs to do, the cell runs normal production. The RRC can also be used for trial projects, one-piece-flow projects, testing alternative production methods or for employee testing. 

The fabrication RRC uses a Miller Dynasty 400 TIG Welder. This is a top-of-the-line flagship TIG welding machine.  With 400 AMP AC/DC, pulse, wave form and frequency adjustments, water cooled torch and wireless foot pedal, the welder can handle any fabrication prototyping work that comes through the shop. The cell also uses a 60-ton AccuPress Press Brake, Model 7606 with the Advantage Package, a Haeger Model 618 Plus PEM machine equipped with Auto-feeder, and a 3,000-Watt Mazak Optiplex Champion Model-3015 Fiber Laser Cutter – Bridge Style that utilizes CNC Mazatrol with Flying Optics. 

The CNC Machining RRC uses a VF-2 SS Haas high speed milling machine, a Mazak twin spindle, twin turret, high speed lathe with live tools, small stand grinders, a small drill press and a large inspection table. These all work great for machining prototype work.

The RRC has two full-time employees that man the cells continually, and more can be called on as needed. With this dedicated equipment and specialized manpower, our RRCs are fully equipped to complete and ship 1–2-day turnaround projects.

Results of the Rapid Response Cell

Since the setup of the Rapid Response Cell, DSI is experiencing rapid growth. We have eliminated all distractions and disruptions in long-running jobs. Customers are now extremely satisfied because they are receiving their prototype parts faster and awarding more prototype, metal fabrication and machining production work to DSI. “Stress levels have decreased immensely” says Troy Brake, Operation Manager at DSI. “Everything is running more smoothly because of the heightened RRC visibility.” Now when employees see the RRC prefix in the job number, they simply send it to the RRC knowing that they can continue their normal, long-run production jobs without sacrificing time and quality. “We should have implemented the RRC earlier” added Troy. “We would have realized quicker growth and an increase to our bottom line.”

Rapid Response Cell Works

Decimet Sales has the machinery and man-power available that can be dedicated to the RRC type of production. We have the means to maximize production efficiencies. Long-run production jobs no longer need to be put on hold to make way for prototype work. Rapid prototyping jobs can be completed as quickly as possible due to dedicated RRC machinery and workers. Stress levels have been decreased along with scheduling conflicts. In short, RRC means more production in less time and that is a win-win for everyone.  

If you need Rapid Prototyping work or short- and long-run production, contact Decimet Sales. We are fully equipped to provide quality and efficient metal and plastic fabrication or machining productivity.

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CNC Machines Announces University of Notre Dame Student as 2021 Recipient of Its Manufacturing Scholarship for Students

CNC Machines announced that it has chosen Aubrey Breen of University of Notre Dame as the recipient of its 2021 Manufacturing Scholarship. The company awards annual scholarships to help close the skills gap in the manufacturing industry.

July 13 2021, Sanford, FL – CNC Machines, one of leading used CNC machinery dealers in the US, announced the winner of its annual Manufacturing Scholarship for students. The company granted a $2,500 scholarship to Aubrey Breen, a student at University of Notre Dame in Inidiana.

Ms. Breen was chosen for her exceptional essay submission. Her piece discussed factors contributing to the decrease in manufacturing jobs, as well as potential solutions needed to revive the industry’s job sector.

The essay noted that increasing international trade, addressing skills discrepancies, and improving artificial intelligence integration are necessary to generate more manufacturing jobs. Ms. Breen emphasized the need to target younger generations to maintain a large and skilled workforce.

“Young people entering the workforce are not aware of the newly-developed technologies, engaging work environment, innovation, and high earnings associated with manufacturing jobs… A solution not only to finding more employees, but also to generating thorough education and experience among employees, is starting job searches at the high school level,” wrote Ms. Breen.

Student Scholarships to Address Manufacturing Skills Gap

CNC Machines awards an annual scholarship, valued at $2,500, to students pursuing a degree or certification in a manufacturing or engineering-related course.

Our company accepts applications starting from September to March of the following year, while the financial aid is awarded every May.

To be eligible for the scholarship, students must submit an essay with a minimum of 1,000 words, answering one of the following questions:

  • What are some of the strategies the manufacturing industry should implement in order to grow its need for workers?
  • What evolving technologies can manufacturers adapt in their manufacturing process that can help them grow production without large financial impact?
  • What are some ways manufacturing companies can attract overseas contracts in order to increase the amount of new work for manufacturers?

Open 2021 Scholarship Application for US Veterans

CNC Machines also has a yearly scholarship available for US veterans. The company awards a $2,000 scholarship aid to a chosen veteran studying manufacturing, engineering, and other related fields.

The scholarship aid applies to any veteran actively working towards a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, associates degree, or certification.

To be eligible for the scholarship, veterans must submit a copy of their DD-214 discharge papers. They must also submit a short essay explaining the reason behind their pursuit of a career in the manufacturing industry.

CNC Machines accepts applications for this year’s Veterans Scholarship until 5:00 PM on September 24, 2021. A winner will be chosen on Veterans Day, November 11, 2021.

About CNC Machines

CNC Machines is a Florida-based used CNC machinery dealer. Headed by CEO Curt Doherty, our company boasts a sales team with more than three decades of combined experience in helping manufacturers buy and sell CNC machines. Since 2014, CNC Machines closed thousands of successful transactions, becoming one of the top three used machinery dealers in the US. The company’s growing catalog includes used CNC machines from the biggest names in the industry, such as Haas Automation, Mazak, and DMG Mori Seiki. CNC Machines also carries other machinery and tools, including oilfield lathes, vertical mills, and fabrication equipment.

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Vertex Manufacturing Selects VELO3D to Meet Growing Demand for 3D Printing Production-Ready Metal Parts

CAMPBELL, Calif. – June 30, 2021 – VELO3D Inc., a leader in advanced additive manufacturing (AM) for high-value metal parts, today announced that Vertex Manufacturing, a Cincinnati-based business providing CNC machining and manufacturing services from development through production, has selected VELO3D to help meet growing demand for 3D-printed “impossible” metal parts.
Vertex was born out of the desire of AM pioneers Greg Morris, Steve Rengers and Tim Warden, previously of Morris Technologies Inc. (MTI), to leverage their advanced manufacturing and technology backgrounds to help companies solve some of their most difficult problems. Vertex is AS9100, ISO13485 and ITAR registered and certified.
At MTI, Morris and company were best known for their work with GE Aviation’s 3-D printed LEAP Engine fuel nozzle used in commercial aviation. In an industry with a reputation for having exacting standards for the safety and quality of manufactured parts, the LEAP Engine fuel nozzle was one of the first metal AM parts to be certified for flight by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Morris is also recognized for his early expertise in industrial metals such as titanium and for integrating AM with traditional manufacturing floor systems. MTI was acquired by GE Aviation in 2012.
“With unique technology providing the capability to create production parts that would be impractical or impossible using other methods, our new additive manufacturing solution from VELO3D means customers will have even more freedom to design and engineer some of the most complex geometries imaginable,” said Greg Morris, co-founder and CEO, Vertex Manufacturing. “This is the essence of why Steve, Tim and I started Vertex Manufacturing – to help customers leverage the most advanced manufacturing technologies and push the boundaries of what is possible.”
Where Morris Technologies primarily focused on prototyping use cases, Vertex was created with a mission to help customers who need advanced manufacturing solutions for both development and production programs. They offer a range of services including advanced multi-axis CNC machining, additive manufacturing, rapid castings and final inspection of manufactured parts.
“At VELO3D we help innovators like Vertex accelerate the future of manufacturing, not just for their customers, but to benefit all of humanity,” said Benny Buller, founder and CEO, VELO3D. “This new partnership speaks to the real and transformational capabilities VELO3D is bringing to metal additive manufacturing.”
Vertex will take delivery of its first full-stack VELO3D Sapphire solution later this month, which will be set up to print metal parts in Inconel 718 (PDF), a nickel-based superalloy known for its superb tensile strength when subjected to extreme pressure and heat. It will be installed alongside other advanced manufacturing systems such as a top-of-the-line Makino a61nx CNC machining center. Vertex said it plans to add additional VELO3D solutions in the future based on feedback from existing customers who value the quality, efficiency and productivity benefits.
“The intent is to have this first machine fully operational by the middle of July,” said Morris. “As we move forward, we want to leverage the knowledge and experience our team has in bringing products to market or taking them to production to bring a stronger focus on pursuing production programs, whether it’s traditional manufacturing, advanced metal AM, or a combination of both.”
In March, VELO3D announced plans to merge with JAWS Spitfire Acquisition Corporation (NYSE: SPFR) and become a public company.
To learn more about how VELO3D  empowers engineers and designers to imagine more and additively manufacture nearly anything, follow VELO3D on LinkedIn or visit
About Vertex
The pioneering spirit that drove Morris Technologies, Inc. to become the premier global supplier of additive metal printing services and capabilities is now fueling Vertex Manufacturing. Leveraging decades of experience with thousands of applications across the aerospace, medical, defense, oil & gas and consumer goods industries, Vertex is committed to delivering products and services that meet or exceed customers’ quality and schedule requirements, earning `trust and conducting all aspects of what we do, and how we do it, with the highest levels of integrity:
About VELO3D
VELO3D, one of Fast Company’s 2021 World’s Most Innovative Companies, empowers engineers and designers to imagine more and additively manufacture nearly anything with a fully-integrated patented solution of software, hardware, and process-control featuring FlowTM print preparation software, AssureTM quality assurance software and the Sapphire® family of laser powder bed 3D printers. VELO3D additive manufacturing solutions for 3D-printing high-value metal parts allow for previously impossible geometries, so businesses can make the mission-critical parts they need without compromise. Customers include some of the world’s most visionary companies, such as Aerojet Rocketdyne, Chromalloy, Honeywell, LAM Research and Raytheon Technologies. For more information, follow VELO3D on LinkedIn or visit

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Okuma America Corporation Names Mike Vassil to Vice President of Operations

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (July 1, 2021) – The management team of Okuma America Corporation, a world-leading builder of CNC machine tools, controls and automation systems, is pleased to announce the promotion of Mike Vassil to Vice President of Operations. Previously, he held the position of Director of Operations since 2018.

In this new role Mr. Vassil will be responsible for all operational departments within the organization, including procurement/planning, contract administration, production, facilities, Quick Shop, warehousing, and material handling. He will also participate as a member of the company’s Steering Committee.

“Mike has proven to be a highly effective leader who is driven to ensure customer satisfaction while supporting Okuma’s mission, vision and values,” said Jim King, President and COO, Okuma America Corporation. “We congratulate him on this achievement and welcome him to our senior leadership team.”

Mr. Vassil has been with Okuma America Corporation for more than 20 years, having held positions with progressive responsibilities in Service/Parts, Customer Service, Project Management and Operations. He earned a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration (BSBA), Supply Chain Management and Production and Operations Management from Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, Ohio).

About Okuma America Corporation

Okuma America Corporation is the U.S.-based sales and service affiliate of Okuma Corporation, a world leader in CNC (computer numeric control) machine tools, controls and automation systems. The company was founded in 1898 in Nagoya, Japan, and is the industry’s only single-source provider of CNC machines, controls, drives, motors, encoders, spindles and automation systems, all manufactured by Okuma. The company designs its own CNC controls to integrate seamlessly with each machine tool’s functionality. In 2014 Okuma launched the Okuma App Store, the industry’s only centralized online marketplace for machine tool apps and related content. Along with its extensive distribution network (largest in the Americas), and Partners in THINC network of enhanced manufacturing technologies, Okuma is committed to helping users gain competitive advantages through the open possibilities of machine tools today and into the future.

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New Company to Produce Rapid EV Chargers

Tulsa, Okla., July 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Oklahoma will soon be home to a new multimillion dollar production facility for rapid Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers. Tulsa-based Getka Group is forming a new company in partnership with TECO-Westinghouse and Phihong USA, to design, manufacture and distribute Level 2 and Level 3 Rapid EV chargers with plans to expand EV production lines.

Sophia Chiu, TECO chairman, points out that “This collaboration puts into action TECO’s vision of energy conservation, emission reduction, intelligence, and automation.” This vision has guided TECO to enter the e-vehicle industry in recent years, as illustrated by the production of powertrains for various e-vehicles. Our partnership with Phihong and Getka to produce rapid chargers marks a major milestone in bringing this vision to life.”

“In addition to bringing new jobs to the market, the new venture will bring diversity to our local economy by strengthening the manufacturing sector and incorporating environmentally-friendly operations into the manufacturing process,” said Dariusz Cichocki, CEO of Getka Group.

The EV chargers will provide fast-charging for commercial, municipal and government electric passenger vehicles and buses. The new company plans to add two additional EV manufacturing lines over the course of 18 months.

The company is exploring options to locate its new facility in Oklahoma.  In accordance with Getka’s Zero Impact approach, the manufacturing process will utilize solar power and industrial grade battery backup to provide uninterrupted power supply while also reducing emissions.

“This collaboration and partnership will leverage the strengths of three industry leaders to further advance EV adoption across the central U.S. by deploying much-needed EV charging infrastructure. It’s an absolute win-win,” said Lin Chung-Ming, Chairman of Phihong.

The project will build on Getka’s renewable energy projects announced in the United States and further expand its Zero Impact strategy and commitment to Oklahoma by integrating green manufacturing in the Heartland.

About Getka Group

Getka Group is an integrated energy company providing engineering, construction and delivery of petroleum, refined products and solar energy. The company is focused on strategic domestic and global growth that connects the security of U.S. energy reserves and resources to today’s changing worldwide energy marketplace. More information is available online at

About Phihong USA

Phihong is a leading global power products manufacturer, and a recognized brand within the industry. With nearly 50 years of experience, and a commitment towards worldwide environmental protection and carbon reduction, Phihong has developed an array of highly efficient EV charging products.  The company serves electronics OEMs in the telecom, datacom, personal electronics, and industrial markets. From EV chargers to open frame power supplies, AC adapters, DC-DC power supplies, battery chargers, LED drivers and network power supplies. More information is available online at

About TECO-Westinghouse

Headquartered in Round Rock, Texas, TECO-Westinghouse is a leading manufacturer and supplier of electric motors and controls for the energy, water, mining, and metal industries. Through research and development, TECO-Westinghouse has also developed advanced capabilities in renewable energy customization with green energy and battery storage solutions including micro-grids, electrical vehicle charging, and scalable energy storage (BESS) with solar and wind energy integration. More information is available online at

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Mitutoyo America Corporation Partners with Atlantic Technical College

AURORA, IL – June 28, 2021 – Mitutoyo America Corporation, a world leader in the field of measurement and inspection solutions, is pleased to have partnered with Atlantic Technical College in Broward County, Florida, as a major supplier and supporter of its Machining Technology course.

Atlantic Technical College is a magnet school and one of three technical colleges, which are all part of the entire Broward County Public School System. The campus trains junior and senior high school students and adults during the day program. The college also runs a machining apprenticeship program in the evening.

The Machining Technology Class provides students with an industry overview, teaches how to set up and operate machines, including CNC machines, micrometers, and gauges, and provides the basics of CNC programming, use of CAD/CAM processes, and set up and performance of advanced level machining.

“We have seen an increased interest in the program over the last few years, as more students recognize that a trade can be a great long-term career,” states Kevin Finan, the Machining Technology Instructor. Finan has been an instructor for eight years after working in the industry for 25 years. “The program is a great opportunity to learn a skill set that is very much needed today.” The program can accept 24 high school students (split between juniors and seniors) and twelve adult students every school year.

Finan was looking to improve the equipment in his classes and specifically wanted to add a CMM to the program. The Mitutoyo MiSTAR 555, which is the company’s newest, fastest, and most compact shop floor CNC CMM is perfect for students to get some experience on.

“Metrology is a significant part of the success of every industry ranging from automotive, medical, aerospace and consumer goods,” states Matt Dye, President of Mitutoyo America Corporation. “Precision measurement provides critical data for improving the manufacturing process, which is why Mitutoyo has a strong focus on helping educate the workforce and future generations at all experience levels. We are excited to support programs such as Atlantic Technical College. This course work will provide invaluable training and help lay the foundation for a successful career path.”

Finan worked directly with Mitutoyo America distributor Chris Sudetic, from Measurement Supply Company to purchase and install the MiSTAR 555 and provide support throughout the process. Additionally, the class also works with other Mitutoyo tools and equipment on the shop floor, including a wide variety of micrometers, calipers, height gages and various other measuring instruments.

“I love working with schools because the future is right on this shop floor, and it’s been especially gratifying to see so many adults learn new skills and find a whole new career for themselves,” Sudetic says. “I totally appreciate a machine trades program that has a large portion of their curriculum dedicated to Metrology; everything from basic hand tool measurement to CMM’s measuring 3D data. We need more of these types of facilities to help fill

the multitude of open Quality Control jobs throughout the manufacturing sector.”

Mitutoyo has a long-standing tradition of working with institutes of higher learning. The company has established relationships with trade schools, two- and four-year programs around the United States and continually look for ways to contribute to the advancement of manufacturing in the U.S.   In addition, Mitutoyo America has developed many online training resources which can be found on the website.

For more information about Mitutoyo’s partnership with Atlantic Technical College, contact Larry Andersen,

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