3 Key Mentalities For Starting A Business From A Creative’s Perspective

By Cheryl Robinson

Office space is no longer four walls with cubicles dividing desk space. Companies choose spaces that reflect their brands, values and vision. The interior designs tell the stories of the company; they reveal the company’s personality. In a competitive landscape, it takes more than being an excellent designer to attract high profile companies. It takes empathy, experience and foresight to create workplaces that are conducive with the work environment. Studios, such as Blitz, are providing solutions to an ever-evolving industry.

Melissa and Seth Hanley, cofounders of Blitz, apply a human-centered design approach across various scales and typologies to bring the personality, culture and values of each client to life in physical form. “Clients are coming from a position of what they know,” Melissa states. “They either know from their own experience in the workplace or from things that they’ve seen in tours or online. Their vocabulary for workplace design, for space, is already limited in comparison to what we can bring to the table. So we start off with…”

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