Generosity is Rewarding

By Alexandria Trusov

Your business communication plan probably includes your website, press releases, and social media. Your sales staff are (or should be!) logging their outbound communication in a Customer Relationship Management system. But, have you considered “kindness” as part of your customer communication and relationship strategy? That is, as a part of your marketing plan?

The whole point of marketing is to build relationships with prospects and customers. Nothing establishes a relationship like an act of appreciation. Kindness and gratitude never go out of style, and they are an elemental part of any service business. Especially now, all businesses are service businesses. Finding a reason to say thank you to customers can be as easy as writing a thank-you note for having entrusted their business to you.

Appreciation also can be a more substantial part of your marketing plan. The winter holiday season, leading into the fresh start of a new year, is the perfect corporate gifting…

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