5 Reasons a 5-Axis CNC Machine is Actually Good for Your Shop

By Megan R. Nichols, Courtesey of AmericanMachinist.com

The 5-axis CNC machine tool is a mainstay on many manufacturing plants and shop floors. While these systems once were reserved for undertaking complicated and specialized applications, large and small manufacturers now realize the value in using a 5-axis machine for every project. Many of them have been able to minimize lead times, bolster efficiency, and improve profitability as a result. These are some of the factors guiding their decisions:

1. Save time — One of the most obvious advantages of a 5-axis CNC mill is the reduction in time it takes to complete a project. Whereas a standard 3-axis machine might require several different set-ups and more than five hours to complete, its 5-axis counterpart can complete the part in just a couple operations that take less than two hours from start to finish.

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