Are Job Candidates Ghosting You? It’s You, Not Them

By Kathleen Quinn Votaw, CEO of TalenTrust

As if manufacturers didn’t have enough to worry about with a $1 trillion shortage of workers in factories across the country, they now must also deal with job candidates “ghosting” them—not showing up for an interview, or worse, not showing up for work after being hired.

Ghosting has become a problem in every industry as candidates are in the driver’s seat. There are over 10 million open jobs in the U.S. right now and not enough workers to fill them. Once you offer an applicant employment, they continue to interview to keep their options open, seeking opportunities to grow and learn in their career, better compensation and a sense that they are valued.

Unfortunately manufacturing companies have some extra hurdles with perception that the work is repetitive, lacking in career growth and susceptible to being automated and a “dirty job” This negativity represents a major challenge, but there are a number of steps manufacturers can take to overcome these misperceptions and, in the process, prevent job ghosting.

Start by Looking Inward

Begin with an honest look at what kind of workplace community you offer candidates. Remember that candidates want to keep their options open and will continue to…

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