Auto Industry Galvanized After Record Recall Year

Courtesy of The NY Times. By BILL VLASIC and HILARY STOUT

DETROIT — Spurred by a decade-old ignition-switch defect in millions of General Motors vehicles, the auto industry this year has issued more recalls involving old models — those made five or more years ago — than ever before, an analysis of federal recall records by The New York Times shows.

More than 60 million vehicles have been recalled in the United States, double the previous annual record in 2004. In all, there have been about 700 recall announcements — an average of two a day — affecting the equivalent of one in five vehicles on the road.

The eight largest automakers have each recalled more vehicles in the United States this year than they have on average since 1966, when data collection began, with G.M., Honda and Chrysler each setting corporate records, the review by The Times found.

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