Can Wearable Robotics Shrink the Worker Shortage?

By Ilene Wolff on

With a shortage of young workers willing and able to do today’s factory jobs, manufacturers are taking steps to retain the older workforce already punching in. Among those steps is providing wearable robotics—also called “exoskeletons”—that help the body with overhead tasks or lifting from a squat, said Tom Spring, professor of engineering at Arizona State University and director of science and technology for the Wearable Robotics Association.

“People used to think the military is the big market, but now industrial exoskeletons can make some promising inroads by helping people do their work,” Spring said. “These devices typically give you 20-30% of the lifting power you need, and they’re supposed to reduce fatigue.”

What exactly is a wearable robot or exoskeleton? (Read the full article on

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