COVID-19 crisis provides lessons for good decision-making for business leaders

By Bill Frahm

We definitely live in unusual times but, as always, there are lessons around us. What I see happening offers us a vivid and useful lesson in information and decision management. This is a strictly objective review. Regardless of your political preferences, you should see what is happening and how a health crisis began to look more like a professional wrestling match than a professionally managed situation. During crises, mistakes are made. It’s easy to judge from afar. However, the greatest mistake we can make is not to learn from the mistakes of the past.

Some of these lessons translate well into your decision-making on the plant floor. With the onset of the industrial internet of things (IIot), it is critical that we all understand the risks and opportunities presented by the increased availability of information. Much as with social media, uninformed sharing can be… (read the full article on The Fabricator).

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