Fear Kills More CNC Machining Businesses Than Recessions Ever Will

By Udo Jahn, General Manager of Modern Engineering

Any person in business knows this: Fear is your constant companion. It’s a weight you carry and one every business owner, leader and entrepreneur feels at some point or another. There are years in which you wake up with it, carry it around and sleep with it — if you’re lucky enough to sleep at all. In business, you’re confronted with fear every day. It’s there shouting at you from the TV, waiting for you during a routine LinkedIn scroll and casually slotted in as a podcast advertisement. For every good economic story we read, there seem to be a hundred bad ones ready to wipe it from our minds, not to mention all the unsubstantiated news floating around.

The danger is that all of these news stories — real and not real — plant a toxic seed in businesspeople that takes root and results in… 

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