Five Steps to Workplace Organization

By Randy Dennison on American Machinist

It’s a competitive world out there but for sheet-metal fabricating and CNC machining shops, it’s more than just a competitive space – it’s crowded! That’s why Decimet Sales Inc. (DSI) looks for ways to differentiate itself from other operations, while striving to maintain production-quality standards and competitive prices. One way is by adopting the 5S method for workplace organization.

Does keeping an organized workplace really create a competitive advantage? The DSI team believes it does and can point to several reasons that it does.

First, the 5S method for workplace organization is a systematic approach to higher productivity. Achieving and maintaining top productivity means producing more finished work in less time, and that translates into satisfied customers. If DSI customers can have their projects completed on-time and within budget, a relationship of trust is built between the shop and its client. That’s a valuable differentiator in a crowded market segment.

Second, the 5S method leads to lower costs. When costs are reduced while product quality is maintained, savings can be passed along to the customer – and that helps build on the relationship of trust.

Additionally, the 5S method can help DSI progress toward even higher quality standards, increased workplace safety, and improved employee satisfaction. When employees feel safe and satisfied, turnover declines and production increases. The shop managers can… (READ the full article on American Machinist)

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