Managing Family Time While Running a Machine Shop During COVID-19

By Justin Quinn, President of Focused on Machining

In our new world where many of us in manufacturing are considered essential and critical, how are you and your family making it work? Are your kids going back to school? What does that look like? Are they wearing masks, are they social distancing? If you have young children as I do, I think we can agree that very few understand social distancing. As my wife gets her classroom ready for 20 kindergartners (she’s doing God’s work), I can’t help but wonder what safety protocols will be instituted with such young children.

There are a ton of articles about work-life balance and how important it is to find this middle ground. With that, what does work/life balance look like during COVID-19 with so many people working from home with kids of all ages? My team and I are still at the shop every day but I know many friends and colleagues that are at home who may be experiencing a less than balanced life right now when work and family time collide in the same dwelling. In a world where we are supposed to be on and available all the time- how do we consistently try and separate the two?

To help combat some of these issues, my family and I have…(read more)


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