Is It Time to Reconsider Regrinding?

By Elis, Plaskett, Associate Editor, Modern Machine Shop

Automation, including both hardware automation controlling machine movement and software automation for generating tool paths, has allowed systems to perform tasks that were once left to skilled masters. Such is the case with the automation ANCA has introduced to its cutting tool grinding machines. The company is known for grinding machines for making and maintaining round cutting tools such as drills and end mills. Users are often cutting tool providers, though regrind automation such as the Auto Tool Measurement (ATM) module is radically changing who may be interested in regrinding cutting tools.

Automating the Programming in Regrinding

The value proposition of regrinding round tools is simple: If you can get extra life out of expensive cutting tools, then you can buy fewer of them. In practice, the calculus is more complicated. According to Andreas Sommer, product manager of FX CNC machines for ANCA, establishing whether a shop can benefit from regrinding is primarily a question of…

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