Navigating COVID-19 as a Machine Shop

By Justin Quinn, President

During this COVID-19 health crisis, there has been a wave of emotions, thoughts, plans, and actions that many businesses have taken throughout the country. This month’s blog is all about what Focused on Machining (FOM) is doing to ensure our people are safe, customers are taken care of, the business is taken care of, and the overall manufacturing community is taken care of.

In early March when all of this kicked off, we posted good hygiene practices on our bulletin board for employees to read, but we quickly realized that wasn’t going to be enough. States started shutting down, social distancing measures went into place, and non-essential businesses were closing. This is when we got anxious and started really taking it seriously with employees. It was clear that the success of the business through this time was going to be determined by…(Read the full article on

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