Preparing for Additional COVID-19 Challenges

By Claire Hall and Sam Moses, on Industry Week

As the rate of new COVID-19 infections is beginning to flatten in parts of the country, President Donald Trump and governors are beginning to plan for relaxation of stay-at-home orders and the reopening of business operations. Manufacturers and other business facilities will likely resume operations gradually, often with additional mandatory or voluntary safety measures in place.

Because COVID-19 could surge again once communities begin to come out of physical isolation, companies should consider procedures for:

  • Monitoring employee health to determine who should stay home.
  • Determining which parts of the workforce can remain working from home initially.
  • Having clear visitor and vendor facility visitation and employee travel protocols.
  • Continuing extra sanitation and social distancing for those returning to work.
  • Training and communicating….(Click to read the full article on Industry Week)

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