Social Media is Corporate Communications

By Alexandria Trusov on American Machinist

It happened again. Someone suggested we use an intern to manage social media for a company I support with marketing. My answer? 100% NO. ‘N’ followed by ‘O,’ I will not put a 19-year-old in charge of business communications to potential clients. Because that is what social media is … corporate communication – on social platforms – about your business to businesses and individuals who we hope to make our customers.

In plain language, it is an ignorant and ageist management view to use interns for your B2B social media simply because of familiarity with the platform’s technology. Technology can be taught. Youth does not confer communication skill – and if you think otherwise, assign that same 19-year-old intern to negotiate your biggest sales contract. Management ignorance about the intricacies of marketing and strategy skills required to create a communication plan could also be hindering your brand’s ability to attract customers.

One result of putting inexperienced communicators on your B2B social media is an “Insta”-style of brand marketing, meaning that when the newbie learns about the aspects of the company, they share the information. In Instagram influencer marketing, you are taught to be “one step ahead of your audience and engage them on the emotions of your learning journey.” Pick any influencer on Instagram and that’s how they build an audience. This is currently very popular in influencer marketing and I’m seeing more of it in the B2B world on LinkedIn and Twitter. Quite honestly, it’s not a good look, as it undercuts the knowledge of B2B’s informed audience of prospective customers. In other words, your message is telling prospective customers…

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