Courtesy of NJ Spotlight. By JOHN W. KENNEDY

New Jersey’s manufacturing and STEM industries are very much alive and well, with 11,000 companies, 360,000-plus employees, and $46 billion in output

The manufacturing and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) industries are not often viewed as viable sectors in New Jersey, but the over 11,000 manufacturing and STEM-related companies, their 360,000-plus employees, and their $46 billion in manufacturing output alone tends to differ with that general assessment.

The fact is that the United States and New Jersey in particular remain technical engines for our respective economies. That allows business owners to create and retain businesses and high-quality employees, which help support our positive education system, maintain our standard of living, and provide an above-average per capita income.

However, there are issues to be addressed, as the hold on this critical industry is tenuous. Here are 10 new ways to view a career in manufacturing:

1. Thriving

The manufacturing industry is not failing. It never has been. There will always be a place for this sector of business. It’s simple: There are more people in the world, needing more things, and someone has to make them. Why not us? The United States is currently No. 2 in regard to manufacturing and projected to be back at No. 1 within two years. Consider this coupled with our consistent high rankings in regard to quality and you can stop questioning the validity of this sector and what it means to us all: a minimum of four additional jobs created for everyone in manufacturing.

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