The Case for a Communication Plan

By Alexandria Trusov on American Machinist

I regularly drive past the office of a certain doctor looking to pump up his business with new patients. His yard signs say, “Accepting New Patients”.

I’ve never liked those signs. They make it seem as if I’d be lucky to be accepted. Personally, I prefer a doctor to do more than accept me; I like a doctor who is happy to have patients and interested in their well-being as humans, not sales numbers. “Welcoming New Patients”. The selection of a single verb changes both the tone and intent of the messaging. That modified language also signals to me, as a prospective patient, a more receptive attitude at that practice.

Language matters. And it’s an integral part of a communication plan.

In the context of digital marketing, visuals, language, and audience are the three factors to be tested in the process of developing a successful plan. You test a particular image with different language options on different audiences. You test the language options on different audiences. You test. You measure. The immediacy of the test results is one of the reasons that digital marketing can be so effective.

This is what marketing does, measuring successes and making improvements. Perhaps imperceptibly to the eyes of someone without marketing experience, a brand communication plan is at work. It is framing the brand’s message in visuals and language and choice of channel for reaching the audience.

Communication is the thread that pulls the brand together, and language is the needle.

The language draws the audience into the message.

The language offers them next steps.

Recently, I sat in a meeting to discuss

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