Three Questions Shape Every Marketing Plan

By Alexandria Trusov on American Machinist

When I do marketing strategy work with companies, two of the questions I ask are, “What are your Top 3 challenges?” and “What are your Top 3 opportunities?” As for the challenges, at least one of the three responses typically is not exactly marketing: It usually involves processes.

At least one, often two of the opportunities is not exactly marketing either. It’s usually relates to a business’s sales goals. And I’m never surprised by this.

It’s also why I phrase the questions without the word “marketing” as a constriction. What the non-marketing items always have in common is communication, i.e., marketing’s primary function.

A Marketing Department touches a lot of other departments: Customer Service, Sales, IT, Engineering, Product Development, Operations, HR, Finance — just to name a few.  Marketing requires coordination with those other departments, as well as learning from them, to create communication flows to customers. It could be said that there are many distinct marketing disciplines — up to 41 by some accounts — but no matter how you count them, even when the platform and specific message may change, every single marketing discipline communicates content about a service, a product, or a brand.

Most marketing disciplines require input from other departments to create…(CLICK TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE)

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