Time To See The Doctor

Eric Spencer

Since graduating from Mechanical Engineering studies more than two decades ago, I have continuously worked in the machining industry.

Many times in life, something terrible can also be an opening for something good. In 2020, like many others, the COVID-19 pandemic “forced” me to have too much free time. It was then that I decided to link together all my skills and develop the MachiningDoctor.com website. The main goal is to provide practical, quality technical information for professionals in the machining industry to assist in our everyday tasks.

•  The website is a 100% free service and is committed to staying free forever! It is monetized with ads to sustain the operational costs and allow continuous development.

•  The website is 100% objective. There is no affiliation with any commercial company in the niche, and it is committed to satay so! Most of the websites that provide somewhat similar data are sub-domains of the major carbide suppliers. In the end, their goal is to sell their products (… which is perfectly ok). Machiningdoctor.com is all about providing…

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