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If you are interested in advertising with Today’s Machining World, please contact:
Managing Editor Ridgely Dunn at
or Owner Lloyd Graff at 708-535-2200.

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Today’s Machining World eNewsletter Blast Guidelines

If you are providing Today’s Machining World with your own html eNewsletter blast please follow the guidelines below to ensure proper formatting and delivery.

  • All designs must be no wider than 580px wide. This includes any padding or margins.
  • Maximum image size is 200k. Maximum images per enewsletter blast is 4.
  • CSS Styles must be inline (see for more information).
  • If you are designing your own eNewsletter Blast please provide your html code in a zip file or as a plain text attachment.
  • eNewsletter images should reside on a publicly accessible server and use a full url path. For example your image paths should be as follows:

<img src=>

INCORRECT – Your image will not display without a full path
<img src=/icp/image.jpeg>

You may find that using a service such as or can assist with hosting of images as well as the design of your eNewsletter Blast. We can no longer accept HTML from due to issues with images hosted on their servers triggering spam filters.

Need Design Help?

Design services are available for the following at a rate of $85/hr billed on the quarter hour.

  • HTML eNewsletter Design
  • Today’s Machining World Advertisements
  • Animated Machining World Banner Advertisements

HTML eNewsletter Designs start at 1 hour
Most banner advertisements can be completed in under one hour.
Animated banner banner advertisements can be completed in under one hour.
We are happy to provide you with an estimate.