A Toast to 10 Years of Today’s Machining World

Today’s Machining World celebrated the magazine’s 10th anniversary last week at Harry Caray’s Restaurant in Chicago. It truly was a great night for those who attended. We hosted about 40 guests—current and former magazine staff, fans of the magazine, advertisers and family members. Several people gave speeches that night, and of course the most memorable was from the magazine’s owner and Maestro himself, Lloyd Graff.

In his toast, he recounted the evolution of Today’s Machining World, from its brief all-Internet phase in 2000, through the first five years of Screw Machine World, and then the last five years in its current incarnation as Today’s Machining World.

The following video is an excerpt from Lloyd’s toast at the party. It contains his wit, overt honesty and sappiness that many of us have grown to expect and love over the last decade.

Lloyd Graff’s Toast at Today’s Machining World’s 10th Anniversary Party

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One thought on “A Toast to 10 Years of Today’s Machining World

  1. AvatarMichael Townsend

    Thanks for sharing that, I am always intrigued by history and how “things” come about and happen. I was at IMTS in 2000 for my one and only time and met you while I was there. I have read the magazine since day one and although I am unfortunately not in the Screw Machining / CNC Machining business (and not by choice) anymore I still receive and read each issue cover to cover.

    Ex: Mfg Engineer, Plant and Operations Mgr
    Marshall Mfg Corp
    Cape Canaveral, FL


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