I May Be Wrong About 2011 But I Doubt It

As Charles Barkley so eloquently stated in his first memoir, “I may be wrong, but I doubt it.”

Today I’ll put on my Carnac turban and peer into 2011.

I predict—the economy will grow much faster than most economists are forecasting. My number is 5.2 percent for the year. The manufacturing economy is taking off. Auto sales could reach the 14 million rate. Employment will improve with the tax issue settled for the moment and Congress writing the rules on Obamacare. Housing will still be tough, but the big problem children of housing—Florida and California—have both stabilized. Deflation will be off the table as will the dreaded double dip recession. Congress will actually start to seriously discuss the deficit because the Tea Party folk will balk at raising the debt ceiling in April.


I predict—Hilary Clinton will discuss running against Barack in 2012 but decide against it. Sarah Palin will travel to Iowa and decide to run. Mike Bloomberg of New York will look at the field on both sides and decide whether to run for President. I predict—he will decide to run as a Republican and will win the nomination and the Presidency in 2012. Bloomberg never loses. If he wants it bad enough and opts to run, he will become the first Jewish President.

I predict—The Boston Celtics will win the NBA Championship, the New England Patriots will win the Super Bowl, and Philadelphia will win the World Series (by the way, I wrote this before they signed Cliff Lee). The surprise team in baseball will be Washington, but they are two years away from a pennant. The Cubs will finish a close second behind Cincinnati in their division.

Here’s hoping you don’t agree entirely and contribute your own fearless forecasts.

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4 thoughts on “I May Be Wrong About 2011 But I Doubt It

  1. AvatarTed

    I’m with you Lloyd…a lot of investment banks and equity groups are growing tired of sitting on the trillions of dollars in cash reserves they got laying around. Now that the Republicans are gaining ground and the tax break issue is resolved (sort of) natural human impatience will prevail. I’ve been telling people the same thing. Spring 2011 it will burst. Now would be a good time to position yourself into a few choice stocks.

  2. AvatarDavid G

    Finally someone with a more optimistic view, I disagree with the basketball and the new president comments, but other than that it is refreshing.


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