I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now

-Barack Obama is Jimmy Carter without the sweater.

-World Book and the Encyclopedia Britannica would become almost completely obsolete.

-Split finger fastballs are arm killers.

-Pickled beets in horseradish are delicious.

-The iPad would transform print publications and books.

-Fantasy football would change the way we look at the NFL. The games are becoming secondary to the stats for many people.

-Childhood obesity would become a bigger problem than gangs or drugs.

-We should have forgotten about the government stimulus package in 2008-09 and just written checks for $50,000 to every person over 16 in the United States.

-We should have passed a law that no foreclosure procedures would last more than six months.

-All unemployment benefits should end at 52 weeks. The country would be booming today if we had.

-We should have given $10,000 incentives per car to convert vehicles to natural gas. This would have ended our dependence on oil imports and put several hundred thousand people to work in natural gas conversion jobs.

-That it’s more fun to listen to audio books than to read old-fashioned books.

-That I would never get tired of buying and selling ugly, filthy, smelly used machinery.

-That the biggest plus to being in business with your son is that it re-energizes you by teaching and learning from him.

Question: What do you wish you had known 20 years ago that you know now?

1992 Encyclopedia Britannica Commercial (Is that Sarah Palin?)

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9 thoughts on “I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now

  1. AvatarTexas Machinist

    -Barack Obama is Jimmy Carter without the sweater.
    -All unemployment benefits should end at 52 weeks. The country would be booming today if we had.
    Interesting you finally came to your senses. I dropped your magazine because I got tired of reading about how great Obama was going to be and how out of touch Republicans were.
    We told you so.

  2. AvatarEdmund Bird

    I think the stimulus idea of spending money to fix the nation was crazy, but could have helped if it related more to fixing the countries infrastructure instead of building Little League parking garages in Puerto Rico. Too bad it was just piles of cash thrown out a window with little control. It’s like Obama was a teen with his first credit card.

    About giving each American over the age of 16 $50,000, I think that would have instantly raised inflation, and 50,000 would have been worth $500.00!

  3. AvatarRich

    Finally !! You get the real Obama. Best thing about him, he’s one and done !
    Now you compare him to Jimmy Carter .
    I used to think Jimmy Carter was the worst of all time , but this Bozo beats him hands down.

  4. AvatarSeth Emerson

    I enjoyed the Brittanica commercial. Stan Freeberg was/is a genius, and this was far from his best work. I liked that the kid got up from the computer to check the entries in the printed version. That has 1992 written all over it. For a while after that, the encyclopedia was on the computer, now it is all on line. The childhood obesity issue is interesting, unlike the drugs and gang issues, it affects first the child, then his family. Until the kids are stealing my stuff to buy more candy or Big Macs, not a lot of effect on me. But, someday, businesses will need those folks as employees, and the healthcare costs will prove tough. Oh, and Jimmy Carter has been the best ex-President since Hoover.

  5. AvatarTodd Hall

    First the pic’s of a shirtless Filipino now you can’t tell the difference in an adolescence male and what an adolescence girl from Alaska would have looked like at the time.
    Is there some joke that?

  6. AvatarPeter @ Polygon Solutions

    Fantasy football has completely changed the way this ‘Lions’ fan looks at football. I’ve been playing the last few years, and have become interested again. Seeing Barry Sanders and some other good talent burn out in Detroit had me looking the other way. The upside is I enjoy the game no matter who wins anymore, something that I think was being lost in our ultra competitive society.


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