Is Facebook for Adults?

Goldman Sachs is valuing Facebook at $50 billon and I am still calling my kids on the phone and texting only if I’ve got a magnifying glass available.

Frankly, I don’t care what my third cousin’s niece had for breakfast or if a high school acquaintance just had a prostate biopsy. I’m not particularly social, but I do love media. I know Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is Time’s Man of the Year and his success is legendary, but for a 60-something guy like me, Facebook seems like an Internet tinker toy.

What am I missing here? Are any of you machining brethren, machinery mavens, media types, etc. actually using Facebook either personally or professionally? Or is it just the province of children, teenagers, and Generation X, Y, Zers?

The growth of Facebook has been stunning, and Zuckerberg vows to connect the world. Every Bolivian lithium miner, vodka stained Finnish reindeer rancher, and Polynesian pearl diver supposedly will be clutching their iPhone waiting to connect with a sopping lobsterman from Maine. Six degrees of separation between Osama Bin Laden and General Stanley McChrystal.

Readers, bloggers, actual friends, please tell me about your Facebook divorces, your Facebook reunions, or better yet, your Facebook sales.

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Question: Is Facebook a viable business tool or are we all “tools” to waste our time showing our cyber sexy flossing photos to our cyber “friends?”

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10 thoughts on “Is Facebook for Adults?

  1. AvatarBrian "Dwight" Hoff

    I agree, Lloyd. It basically flabbergasts me to see so many people who seem desperate to share trivial details of their lives with others who have little reason to care. With so many tools available to communicate (and too many that prevent real one on one discussions) I cannot fathom the usefulness of Facebook. I do have an account but it’s really just a way to email family members without having to keep up with people’s changing email addresses. I think I visit it once a week and post something every few months. It’s sort of a town crier for family purposes. Even then it’s usefulness is small.

  2. AvatarWilliam Mackay (Retired)

    This morning I read on Face Book my Grand -daughter -in -law was admitted to the hospital in Virginia for surgery to repair a tear in her trachea. this was posted by my daughter in Vermont — she has six brothers and sisters– I got the message in my sons Coffee Shop in Waukesha WI. Why do I use Face Book? it is a way for me to keep connected with my large family all over the country I find it even faster than e-mail in most cases

  3. AvatarRob Wise

    As a company, we are trying to use FB and other social media sites to educate more about our products and the company. It has the potential to be a valuable tool for this. I only wish that there was a legitimate business version of it though. I’m told its coming soon. I just don’t see many people becoming “friends” with a cutting tool company on the personal side!

    Regarding the personal side, you are missing a valuable opportunity to reunite with people from your past, use your personal network to its fullest potential, and stay in touch with family and friends if you are not on Facebook. Just ignore the silly status updates.

  4. AvatarJack Frost

    Lloyd: Here in a country were in professional competition for math or science we come in a glorious 15th, we have a no nothing society. We don’t cpmpute and we have no idea why or how things work. But we are deluged with tons of useless information which tells us what we are and what we are worth. This is a narcissistic society based on a narcissistic economy. This type of business does not create wealth but recycles the wealth produced by an ever diminishing base. Goldman Sachs along with AIG looted our treasury for their mistakes and then took a bonus as a extra measure of their arrogance. All of you are missing the point. WWII could happen here, but it will be done more efficiently. I won’t be here to see. I am 91, but you better pray that other countries keep buying our worthless debt. Jack Frost

  5. AvatarL

    Jack Frost, “Dwight” and R.W. Hron said it best. It is a perfect example of a do-nothing, narcissistic, voyeuristic society which plagues most of our youth unfortunately. And I am only 40. If these people spent more time listening to NPR then Twitter we wouldn’t have the rampant “dumbing down” of America we’ve seen these passed ten or twenty years.

  6. AvatarBarry

    I look at face book to find out what my kids are doing


    There is nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse.
    Will Rogers

  7. AvatarDavid


    I do not have a Face book account nor do I plan to have one. I’ve had a good friend married with three kids who hooked up with a high school acquaintance and left his wife. Do I know about a lot of positives from those who use? Not really. If I was in high school and college I’m sure I would be using the medium and connecting and communicating via the Face book medium. I’m 39, a generation removed for you and like to socialize with family, friends, business colleges including PMPA people. This is done mostly on the phone or in person or via one on one e-mail exchanges. To me that’s socialization. By the way, Albert and I really enjoyed coming to the dinner for TMW at IMTS because we were in the same room and felt the warmth and companionship. Seeing the video provides information, but the level of connection to the event in my opinion is 1/50th. The internet for me is about moving and trading information not the primary means for socializing. The internet is an amazing tool for communication but socialization requires proximity. For the generation before me they seem to have taken it to the next level.

    Commercially Face Book is getting a tremendous amount of eye balls and that’s the value. Keeping the eyeballs is the challenge. I know that internet media does definitely sway my purchasing decisions big time as every major and often even minor purchase such as a $9.99 I tunes purchases it researched an done via internet. I bought a car this year. All my research was done by the internet based on other peoples feedback and comments. I decided to purchase a Buick Enclave. I joined the Buick Enclave forum to learn about the car to figure out which options people liked and why. I did not look at this as social event although in effect I was “socializing” with Buick owner from my kitchen table. I am amazed at how powerful the internet is to bring people together to share information on their experiences with a product or service. I also find LinkedIn of value so I think the interface each generation is using is different but similar. In high school and college the topics of interest are much more mundane to the mature but of interest to that category.

    Best Regards,


  8. AvatarDeborah Rudy

    Facebook is no different than any other form of media. You have to be discriminating about it. Sometimes the stuff on it is ridiculous, and frankly I can’t believe the stupidity of some of the posts. I have seen people ( mostly 20 and 30 somethings post negative comments about their jobs that would get them fired of they worked for me. On the other hand, a few days ago a good friend of mine in california posted that he had lost his best friend. There is no way he would have called me or emailed me to tell me, because this was not a mutual friend. His post gave me an opportunity to reach out to him as he grieved his loss. Withoutthe Facebook post, that never would have happened.

    We live pretty insular lives in the 21st century. No more “neighborhood grapevine”. Social media takes its place. And just like the old neighborhood grapevine, some of it is useless gossip, and some of it conveys important information.


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