Machining Industry Scuttlebutt

By Lloyd Graff

The Mori-Seiki-DMG partnership is starting to pay dividends. I recently talked with a client who’s buying one and possibly two expensive DMG twin turret lathes. He liked the DMG technology, but he told me he would not have considered buying DMG if they were not selling through Maruka on the East Coast. Maruka is the Mori distributor based in Rockaway, New Jersey, and it now also sells DMG. He trusts them, he respects his salesman, and he believes in Maruka’s support.

The Mori-DMG showroom near Chicago (Hoffman Estates) is a superb facility, but it is the reliability of Maruka that will ultimately make the New York sale of a $500,000 machine tool.


The tight credit straitjacket is still stifling small business capital expenditures and hiring. Business is strong for many companies but many banks are still fighting the last war. We are hearing of forced bankruptcies and liquidations for firms who thought they had weathered the storm.


Western extrusions of Carrollton, Texas, will be installing an extrusion press in 2011. They are aiming at construction, transport, electrical, and solar markets among others.


The contraction of American automotive manufacturing is making 11 million car-years the new normal. The 5 million square-foot Willow Run transmission component plant is being sold off by the Maynard’s and Hilco auction firms in three giant sales. The work from that plant is going to facilities around the world, but some is landing at job shops in the U.S. The survivors who are getting the work are mega busy with the opportunity to get much more busy in the coming year. For the automotive suppliers who survived the recession and the bank withdrawal syndrome, the future is very rich.

Random Question: This baseball season there have been seven no-hitters thus far. Are pitchers getting better or is it steroid withdrawal?

Houdini Escapes from Straitjacket During a Free Fall

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5 thoughts on “Machining Industry Scuttlebutt

  1. AvatarNoah Graff

    Quick apology for the misspelling of “Mori” on the email blast. Unfortunately Spell-Check has not mastered Japanese machine tool builders yet. 🙂

  2. AvatarSteven Horn

    I don’t feel that batter is worse steroids don’t help that hand eye timing. There has been a move to smaller faster players from the big sluggers. You have to give the pitcher his dues by throwing more strikes. The question really should be has the strike zone become larger? This would give the advantage to the pitcher by throwing junk and getting strikes.

    I guess we need more fat umpires.

  3. AvatarNoah Graff

    First–to Daniel,

    Sports can be a great and necessary diversion from things that are going down the tubes in life whether they be personal or on a global scale. No, they are not pure, with cheating and greed, and egos, and dirty plays. But they unite many people. They can be fascinating. And they can be just damn fun! Lighten up and turn on the tube or read the sports section (assuming that’s your thing)

    Steven–Are you suggesting that fat umpires have a larger strike zone and that they are indeed getting fatter and that that is a good thing?

    All fine, just wanted to clarify. I would like to see some latest stats for strikes thrown in the last year vs the past. We need this data. Important. I have to now dedicate my next three hours to editing an interview discussing the Tea Party before I go on a long needed short vacation.

    If anybody has the time or inclination to look up the balls/strike stats for this year vs. the past I would be quite grateful.

  4. AvatarBruce Renwick

    There’s absolutely to way there can be a steroid issue in American baseball!! I saw United States senators boldly and bravely take on this pressing issue a few years back and as Noah points out quite often, the government should and must take on these tough problems.
    I agree that we need diversions from the grind of every day life, however with the huge salaries and low moral character the story is too often the individual and not the game and I find it hard focus on such dysfunction. I no longer can participate.
    Today I would rather read a book or watch some history or comedy (Louie on FX comes to mind) I find this a great break from the day.


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