What if Car Companies Advertised like Politicians?

I am truly saddened that the 2010 political advertising season is ending today. The light these poisoned snipings shed on the candidates really needs to spread to the dull world of products like cars, which still feature zoom, zoom, zoom, motherhood and apple pie to sell vehicles.

If Ford and Toyota were political candidates they would probably try something like this:


“My Japanese opponent makes shoddy products that kill people. Ten million cars were so defective they were forced into repair facilities to prevent further carnage. This company lied to you when they sold you cars. It’s signature model, Prius, means “junk” in Navajo.”


My so-called American competitor, Ford, really makes its cars in foreign countries like Mexico and Canada and then pretends they are American. The founder of Ford, Henry Ford, great grandfather of the chairman, was a bigot and Hitler sympathizer.

The company is eliminating Mercury from its line and sources indicate that the Focus and Fusion might be pulled in 2012.”

It will be a pity when the robocalls for politicians are replaced by pleasant telemarketers for the symphony. Hopefully we can get down to the serious business of companies slandering their competition.

The following video below shows how political attack ads are truly ingrained in Americana. If they had TV back in the Eighteenth Century this is what John Adams and Thomas Jefferson would have done.

Question: Do you care about any of the 2010 elections?

Do the ads make you not want to go to the poles?

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7 thoughts on “What if Car Companies Advertised like Politicians?

  1. AvatarDaniel Richter

    The only reason you ask it that way is that your side is going to lose. The socialist policies of Obama are what’s being voted on today. This election, while only the beginning, is historic. We have to choose whether we value the individual liberty this country was founded on or If we want democratic socialism. The choice has never been clearer. Wake-up…Your party has been hijacked by the far left. And the Republicans, if they don’t take this message seriously, will be gone too. We’re in no mood for compromise. We want our counrty back!

  2. AvatarDiane

    The advertising has been just as dirty in many other elections for many years – using all types of media- all parties included. However, Daniel is right – this country needs to wake up before it is too late! Get out – Vote – and send the message – we are not interested in Obama’s socialism! Get the democratic socialists out of office.

  3. AvatarDeborah Rudy

    Oh my. Knowing you personally, I know that you are neither democrat or republican. I understand why some folks might think you are a democrat, because I am often told “I know, you’re republican”, by people who know me, simply because my beliefs are more center right than the current administration and Congress (at least until tomorrow). I can’t ever remember voting a straight line ticket, and today will be no exception.

    The advertising is what it is. We can’t change it, but we don’t have to let it drive our decisions in poll booth. If we’re over 18 and can read, we have ample opportunity to learn about the candidates and make an informed decision. If our vote is important to us, than we have a responsibility to read, think, fact check, and decide. The internet makes it easy–it’s all just a few key strokes away.

  4. AvatarMatt Danner


    I liked the automotive analogy. By the tone of these responses, I would say that the political adds reflect the narrow view of a few ideologues. It would be astonishing to see the day that politics was blessed with civility. I believe these advertisements will only grow worse. The heart of them is driven by the 24 hour cable news monster, and a general willingness of people to believe everything they hear. How quickly people forget that cable television is driven by profit, not responsibility, and that chain political emails are usaully false. What is most amazing are people who are so swayed by thier dillusions of intrusion on thier liberties, that they would prefer a whack-job who can’t hold a job and doesn’t even know the context of the First Amendment, to a man with a Harvard education in Constitutional Law.

    “God help us, before the evil socialism monster gobbles us all up!”

  5. AvatarJim Gosselin


    Regardless of background or education, people can probably tell you more about the car they drive than their representative, or the issues at hand. Throughout history, it can be seen that people in general prefer to let someone else make the decisions than to become passionately involved in the decision making. So the ads are the only way that the truth can be made known. We do have social responsibilities but come-on, why should any of us have to work until August before we get to keep the left over in our paycheck. Charity is only charity when it is freely given not forced down our throat. A change of thinking is necessary in both the house and senate. Let’s hope this change will make a difference.

  6. AvatarBill

    I care about my country, but it is getting harder all the time to find a candidate for any government office to feel good about. Listening to the exaggerations and partial truths/lies I am reminded of proffesional wrestling. In wrestling, opponents show no respect for each other in the ring, and then eat, sleep, and travel together to the next venue. Our national politicians are divided by party, to the point that there is no real debate on issues. They seem to spend so much time on party issues and props for themselves, that there is no time for the real work, anyway. But fill the trough, and they will be shoulder to shoulder to eat their share.




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