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Gene Haas Trial Coming

The Gene Haas tax evasion trial is projected to begin in September. It has been stalled by continuances, but both sides evidently want it to happen now.

Denis Dupuis who was Gene’s top deputy was indicted with him. Dupuis has made a deal with the Feds to testify for the prosecution.

The Haas Automation company has attempted to distance itself from Gene’s travail and appears to be going strong. My dire predictions about the possible impact of the case on the Haas business have proved wrong to his point.

My understanding is that Gene Haas still owns the Haas Automation company. Today’s Machining World will be following the trial closely, because the outcome will affect the machining community. Haas, the man and the company have embodied the resourcefulness and resiliency of American manufacturing as much as any person or company over the past 25 years. The trial certainly demands our interest and scrutiny now.

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The Customer Isn’t Always Right

I hear that Sprint has notified 1,000 of its customers that they are being terminated by the cell phone service provider.

Sprint will get some momentary snickering PR, but frankly, I am sympathetic to the idea of dumping the nags. I believe that not all customers are worth the aggravation. A demanding but intrinsically fair client is a good thing because he or she forces you to raise your game, but some people just “drey your kop” (Yiddish for “play with your head”). Life is too short to diddle with such time wasters. The chronic malcontent customer is always worthy of being pruned. Sprint has the right idea to forgive their balance and direct them to AT&T or Verizon with a gracious kick in the butt.

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