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Is It Good: Conicity Technologies

In this interview, William Shaffer describes how his edge preparation machine addresses tool failure issues with an automated brush honing process. William Shaffer, vice president

Origins: Da Vinci’s Machines

By Alan Earls In this article, we look at Leonardo Da Vinci’s sketches of proto-machine tools, including lathes and screw machines, which he conceived hundreds

Ethics: Drug Testing in the Workplace

Among many hats I wear, I handle human resources for a transmission re-manufacturing facility with around 35 employees, including office staff. Our management asked me

Ethics: Web Site Wandering

By Russell Ethridge Today’s Machining World Archives December 2006 Volume 2 Issue 12 Since you are responsible for information technology, this is your business, and

Ethics: Divided Loyalties

By Russell Ethridge Today’s Machining World Archives November 2006 Volume 02 Issue 11 My company submitted a proposal for rigging services as part of an