Lloyd Graff's Afterthought

Afterthought – Losing My Bearings

by Lloyd Graff “Where have all the bearings gone?” This is the sad refrain of anybody looking to rebuild a machine whose mechanical joints depend

Afterthought: Back to the Future

Today’s Machining World Archives June 2011 Volume 07 Issue 05 For those readers who may be sad that this is the last “Afterthought,” we’re happy

Afterthought: Cyclical Times

Today’s Machining World Archives April 2011 Volume 07 Issue 03 We live in strange times. The glass half full, glass half empty dichotomy is more

Afterthought: America Moves On

Today’s Machining World Archives March 2011 Volume 07 Issue 02 Noah and I are huge basketball fans. We were recently talking NBA and Noah broached

Afterthought: The Next Decade

Today’s Machining World Archives January/February 2011 Volume 7 Issue 1 This magazine has lived 10 beautiful years and we celebrate with this special anniversary issue.

Afterthought: Go to the Basket

Today’s Machining World Archives November/December 2010 Volume 06 Issue 09 I’m writing this column two weeks before Thanksgiving. I think the business world has changed

Afterthought : The Family Business

Today’s Machining World Archives October 2010 Volume 06 Issue 08 It was a throwaway line in the Chicago Tribune “Sports” section, but it caught my

Afterthought: To Buy or Not to Buy

Today’s Machining World Archives September 2010 Volume 06 Issue 07 I am beginning to reassess the importance of owning things like real estate, cars, books

What We Do

August 2010, Volume 06 Issue 06 By Lloyd Graff The Budweiser radio commercial extols the virtue of beechwood aging and its beer’s crisp, clean taste.

Afterthought: Making the Call

Today’s Machining World Archive: May 2010 Vol. 6, Issue 04 For almost 10 years I’ve lived the schizoid life of a machinery dealer and writer/publisher.