Heparin — The Latest Outsourcing Debacle

Recently there have been four deaths and 350 significant allergic reactions from a contaminated supply of Heparin sold by the Baxter brand. Baxter outsources a key ingredient for Heparin in China which has been identified as the cause of the health disaster.

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2 thoughts on “Heparin — The Latest Outsourcing Debacle

  1. correction


    APP (American Pharmaceutical Partners) purchases all of it\’s unfractionated heparin from a different supplier in CHINA as well! First melamine disguised as wheat gluten that killed pets, lead in children\’s toys and now this! It is very simple, under a communistic form of government, the only way to get ahead is to take short cuts that get you ahead illegally and unethically. This is a cultural problem that can\’t be fixed for at least a generation or more! Wake up America, China is not honest about anything, they\’re dishonesty kills Americans!

  2. Lloyd

    Thanks for the correction. Of course that does seem logical that the competitor would use similar business practices. I suppose APP has just been lucky so far that they have not had their own disaster yet.


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