A Liesure Precision Instrument

Today we inform you of a new, innovative, precision instrument which can help you when you’re off the job – the Rossa Monza Spider putter from Taylor Made.

“Even when we purposely misfired putts, our second shots were gimmes. And when we found ourselves putting from the fringe and downhill, the Spider’s soft touch and pinpoint accuracy were the very definition of clutch,” recounts the Wired magazine’s product reviewer, Daniel Dumas. “Taylor Made claims the clubface is so well-balanced that shots hit off the toe or heel end up closer to the cup than with any of its competitors.”

Dumas remarks that the club’s key strength is that “the insert provides soft yet responsive feel at contact. Movable weights + adjustable center of gravity = laser-guided shots and lower scores.”

He criticized that the “supersize clubhead can be distracting. Adjusting center of gravity can be a lengthy process.”

The retail price from Taylor Made is $200.

Source: www.wired.com

Rossa Monza Spider Putter

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