Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

By Lloyd Graff

I am still woozy from the awesome Cubs victory in game five of the World Series. I watched the game on TV at home, but our whole family met at a pizza place about 15 minutes from Wrigley Field for a pre-game meal. Amazingly, my daughter Sarah, a rabbi in California, and her husband Scott got great seats, thanks to the generosity of one of her congregants, who had connections with Todd Rickets, an owner of the Cubs. Last Thursday, Sarah got an email from her wealthy congregant out of the blue, offering her two seats in Chicago for the World Series, all expenses paid. He had heard her sermons connecting the Cubs and important thoughts on how to live a good life, and wanted to say thank you – a true random act of kindness, for sure. Sarah and Scott accepted graciously, got a sitter for the kids, and headed to Chicago for the Sunday game.

It was a “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” type of fantasy day for Scott and Sarah. Coincidentally, Scott had attended Glenbrook North high school, the Chicago suburban high school that Ferris Bueller’s high school was modeled after. Also, Jason Kipnis, Cleveland’s second baseman, who has been killing the Cubs the whole series, attended that high school.

The whole family, sans three grandchildren, met at Monti’s Restaurant for pizza before the game. Then Noah and his girlfriend drove Sarah and Scott close to Wrigley, right before the streets surrounding the park were blocked off. Sarah and Scott brought several signs with them, which they displayed frequently at the game. They said they were literally standing with all of Wrigley the whole game, abstaining from getting up even once for food or to go to the bathroom. They were interviewed by after the game (click video below). They stayed at Noah’s condo in the city and flew home early Monday in time to pick up their girls from school. Amazing day.

Click to see video of Sarah and Scott interviewed at game five of Cubs/Indians 2016 World Series.


The Presidential election goes down in a week. What usually happens appears to be happening – it’s getting considerably closer. Donald Trump could still surprise everybody and win, but I don’t think so. The path for Trump is extremely narrow with New York, California and Illinois virtually certain to go big for Hillary Clinton. If Latinos and African Americans go 90% for Hillary and women go 65% for her, it seems very unlikely Trump can sneak in.

But consider this possible scenario, reminiscent of Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. Scandal, emanating from the pay-to-play cynicism of the Clintons, bubbles up to overwhelm a Hillary Presidency and she is forced to resign, a la Nixon.

Tim Kaine, who impresses me as a real lightweight, is sworn in as President. Maybe he is more than what he seems, like Gerald Ford was, but more likely he is as weighty as a paper airplane. More gridlock, more angst and anger. A nice setup for Ted Cruz in 2020.


Amazon is building, or has already built, four gigantic (850,000 to 1 million square foot) warehouses south of Chicago. They call them fulfillment centers, which may not accurately describe the gritty work involved, but they provide decent jobs for people who have been looking for work with benefits and are willing to give it their all for $13 an hour, 40 hours per week over four days. If people want to work part-time for the next two months they can make $15.50.

We’re talking heavy lifting, a lot of standing, walking, dealing with noise with a half hour for lunch. Heaven forbid you come in late. Your pay will be docked one hour for one minute of tardiness.

But Amazon is smart. They lay out the rules ahead of time and they don’t promise easy. But if you work your butt off and play by their rules, you will get some health benefits, take home a lot more than driving a school bus at 5:30 a.m., and have a real job. At least until the robots get a little more sophisticated.

This is America, 2016. There are a lot of jobs if you are young, healthy and are willing to work hard. There are jobs all over high tech. Hospitals are always hiring. Nurses can make a hundred grand if they are good. If you can set up a Citizen or Star and don’t have a drug habit, I can find you 10 jobs in an hour. But I am glad to see Amazon run its business differently than Wal-Mart. We have a Wal-Mart across the street from our plant. I hate going into the store because the people who work there seem so listless and indifferent.

Amazon still has its energy and passion. They know how to hire and motivate new workers for $13 an hour. That isn’t easy.

Questions: Are you caring less about professional football this year?

Will the next president be impeached?

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7 thoughts on “Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

  1. chuck snow

    I don’t care about sports one way or the other but i do believe most sports fans are fixated with baseball this year.
    No your next president will not be impeached. I think that you people in the USA have gone through enough dreck during this recent election without the added instability and world class embarrassment of an impeached commander in chief. ENOUGH ALREADY as my Boobie would say.

  2. Art Santana

    Yes, thanks to the scandals of domestic abuse, deflate gate and the continuing drug cheating from the athletes. College is not much better, Alabama, Ohio state, Michigan and USC to name a few continue to dominate due to all the cheating and under the table pay outs. Add that to the monopoly that the P5’s have and you get the picture.
    It will be a beautiful day when President Hillary will say the same famous words as she leaves office. “I am not a Crook” LOL

  3. rick

    Football fans are sick of the divisive kneeling during our National Anthem!
    Trump will win, and win BIG!!!
    Check out Trump’s Valley Forge Pennsylvania speech he gave today. Look it up and watch & listen please. There is a man who sounds Presidential. The policies are all on the mark.
    Cut taxes & simplify the code.
    End Common Core – Local School Choice
    Renegotiate Trade deals
    Strengthen our Military
    Increase vocational training for good paying jobs
    Cut endless government bureaucratic regulations choking us!
    Secure our border – so we can deal with our immigration issues. Before you clean up the mess from a flood, you turn the water OFF!
    Eliminate WASTE, FRAUD AND ABUSE from a corporate perspective.
    Fix the disaster of Obamacare – no competition, skyrocketing costs, areas with NO exchanges. HiLlEry’s answer, single payer GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTHCARE, How’s the VA doing??? That was supposed to be fixed.
    Real support for our Border Agents, Law enforcement, Police and First Responders.
    People are sick and tired of all the insider dealings and the endless Clinton scandals.
    Wikileaks is not yet over.
    She left the Whitehouse, in her own words: “BROKE”.
    The Clintons have amassed ONE QUARTER BILLION DOLLARS in pay to play through the Secretary of State office.
    How is Haiti doing after the Clinton cronies got all the cash and ran. Those poor people.
    Then uses endless Alinsky division tactics upon us with whatever she does.
    Then there are “dikkeeleaks” as the New York Post calls it.
    HilLIEry’s Chief of Staff, confidant, long time friend and council Huma Abedin Wiener is now referred to as a staff member, how disposable people are to the Clintons?
    It will be quite ironic that her lapdog Anthony Wiener will take her down.
    newest wikileak:
    Podesta To Mills: “We Are Going To Have To Dump All Those Emails” -now we have intent
    What a fun filled week it will be…

    And tell me again why you are voting for her?
    It is her turn?
    We need a woman – maybe, but NOT THIS WOMAN
    She can fix it? What has she done in all of her years? Nothing for New York – Upstate
    is dead. HillaryCare never made it.

    Soon America will be GREAT again!

  4. Phil

    You Cubbies got lucky last night in CLE.. Today Cleveland is going to whomp on you in game 7.. GO TRIBE!!!!

  5. Mike

    LOL, America Great Again? You believe the biggest scam artist of all time?

    If Trump does win, better stock up on gold and hope a nuclear flash doesn’t take place close by.

    Trump has patterned his campaign after Hitler. If you tell a lie often enough, sooner or later the people will believe you. And the bigger the lie the better. I guess we’ll find out soon enough if Trump can fool a majority most of the time.

    If he can, say your prayers and keep your eyes in the clouds.

  6. John Bressoud

    Congratulations Lloyd. I never would have followed the Cubs if I had not connected with your blog. Miracles still happen.

  7. Sara

    I feel like you do Lloyd about the Cubs and your family. Go Cubs Go! Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm with all.
    Mike, I have just one question and your solution to Trump is Clinton Crime Organization? Years of investigations, FBI probes, and trials for at least four years. Too much evidence to overlook the situation as there is no there there. An impeachment is possible.
    I don”t seem to see your comparing Trump to Hitler. Which group wants to shut down speech, take radio and television stations off the air? Use the IRS and other agencies to deny a difference of opinion?
    After the last eight years we need leadership now !


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