An Exciting Day for America

By Lloyd Graff

Today is an exciting day for me and an exciting day for America. I voted early this morning, and the line forced me to wait more than an hour to get a ballot.

I live in a beautiful southern suburb of Chicago named Olympia Fields. I’ve lived there for 30 years. I’ve never waited more than 10 minutes to vote. This election is different. The waiting line was comprised of almost all black people – probably 90 percent, but who’s counting. When I moved to Olympia Fields you would have seen the reverse number. And I could not have imagined myself back in 1979 living in a predominantly African American suburb with close black friends.

My America has changed.

I voted for Barack Obama, knowing he could well be another failed Jimmy Carter. He may even name Paul Volkner, Carter’s old Fed Chairman, as Secretary of Treasury if he wins.

For a long second I pondered voting for John McCain, the only presidential candidate I’ve ever given money, but I pulled the trigger for Obama because I want to believe in the ability of America to change like I have. Racism is embedded in the fabric of America, but it is fading – slowly. Slowly – but a Barack Obama would not have even made it to the Senate a few years ago. Even today he is the only black U.S. senator. But it seems likely that today the people of America will throttle their racial fear and vote this exceptional “brother” into the White House. I did not think I would live to see it.

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