Apple Makes Precision Machining Cool

By Noah Graff

Machining of iPhone Body

I’m what people would call an “Apple guy.” I only buy mac computers, own Apple stock, and my iPhone and I are inseparable. The fourth generation iPhone was introduced yesterday, and I have to say, I covet it.

In addition to its products being superior in technology and quality, Apple takes pride in its products’ aesthetics, striving to portray them as glamour symbols. Apple’s designers shape their products with the care and sexiness of an Italian car designer. Fittingly, in his key note speech Monday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs even characterized the iPhone as the BMW or Mercedes of phones and its rivals as common sedans. Apple’s marketing team is quite deliberate in its choice of words to describe the company’s products. They say they strive to “produce technology as art form.”

In Apple’s description and video of the new iPhone it boasts that the body of the phone is “CNC machined,” which the company also boasted a few years ago when its aluminum MacBooks debuted.

One of the most successful, coolest companies of our time has just glorified the importance of precision machining. Who knows, maybe the next time I explain to average person what Today’s Machining World is about, I won’t get such a perplexed look.

Question: Do you care that Apple has drawn attention the importance of precision machining?

(Skip to the 5:00 minute mark to watch the CNC machining process)

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3 thoughts on “Apple Makes Precision Machining Cool

  1. John Goes

    Not when an American company outsources the CNC machining to a Communist country that is actually in competition with American manufacturing.

    If Apple really cared about anything other than dollars, the manufacturing would be done in this country.

  2. Joe Crawford

    I would have to agree with John. How about Apple bringing the work back out of China and to the USA. This may intice more people to purchase these phones, knowing that they are American made in America. Not an American company making the products overseas then selling here for top dollar.
    More American company need to do the same. It is not truly American if the product is manufactured in another country and then sold here for the highest price. Most of the money from these products are being distributed in those other country’s. If you employ people here they will spend that money here.

  3. Seth Emerson

    Joe writes:
    Most of the money from these products are being distributed in those other country’s. If you employ people here they will spend that money here.

    I agree with the Made in America part. But Most of the money Apple receives, both from the Consumer and the AT&T “bribe” – I mean “kickback” stays at Apple. They pay a small price for the cheap manufacturing in China (both Chinas) and make the big profit on the sales here. The Clerk at the AT&T store probably makes more in a sales commision than FoxConn gets paid to make the phone. That could be why the AT&T clerks have a lower Suicide rate. But I digress.


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