Even Medical is Suffering

The auction market for good used CNC machinery is being overwhelmed by a rush of supply. Even CNC Swiss lathes, always in short supply, are appearing in auction brochures almost weekly.

Recently a dental instrument maker, Hu-Friedy Corporation of Chicago, sold 13 late model Stars in an online sales event.

The machines were in beautiful condition, well maintained, and being sold because the company wanted the space for other manufacturing operations. Hilco had given the company a guarantee on the proceeds of the sale several months earlier and had been attempting to liquidate the machines prior to the auction date. They sold (3) SR-20 machines in December, but the balance of the deal was sold in early March.

The auction prices did not reach the computer’s reserves, but I understand many were sold to the unsuccessful bidders after the sale.

The Stars at Hu-Friedy were exceptionally nice machines with Iemca loaders on each one. The fact that not one piece brought the reserve price on the web auction is a clear indicator that even one of the strongest CNC markets is quite weak.

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