Auction of the week: Allen-Bradley Aftermath

Allen-Bradley’s auction online on July 10 (see auction of the week: June 25), was a good example of the axiom that if the buyers are disinterested in a machine they will ignore it at almost any price, but if it’s something hard to find, the bidders will extend themselves even in a stinko market.

The multi spindle National Acmes, though they were in nice shape and well equipped, virtually died. The 1” RAN6 machines with threading and pickoff brought from $2,500 to $6,500 plus a 16 percent buyer’s fee. The 7/16” RA6, went begging, most not even reaching the $1,000 reserve price except one that fetched $6,300.

The exception on the Acmes were the two 3/4” RA8 machines. Eight spindles are still in demand and the 3/4” is rare on the market. The machines were nicely equipped with threading and pickoff. One machine had been in a crack-up recently and had a bent spindle. It brought $31,000 plus the 16 percent buyer’s fee. Another one hit $42,000.

When you hat you hot, when you not you not. Amen.

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