Biden is Not My Number One Pick

By Lloyd Graff

President Joe Biden speaks to Congress after his first 100 days in office tonight. Washington and the media will listen as he intones a profoundly left-wing agenda. The Congress is closely divided, a 6 vote margin in the House, 50-50 in the Senate. The Democrats are hoping for court packing of the Supreme Court to 13 and getting Senators from the District of Columbia. Currently 6 House seats are vacant, awaiting interim elections. 

The left-wing media is cheering and the Republican strategists are delighting as Biden tilts strongly to the left in his rhetoric and policies, almost ensuring (in my opinion) that the Democrats blow their opportunity to maintain control of both the House and Senate in 2022. They hope to pass the expensive portions of their program between now and then.

What Biden has going for him is a strong economy, rising stock market, and a rapidly falling unemployment rate. This is being propelled by the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and their effectiveness in shrinking the pandemic in America. President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed program may go down as his biggest success, and Biden is reaping the benefits.

President Biden is attempting to throw enormous money into a rapidly growing economy, with the Fed accommodating him with low interest rates. Nobody seems to know when or if inflation will reappear, but it is hard to imagine that it is banished forever.

People are pouring money into homes, particularly in the suburbs and rural areas. States like Idaho, Utah, and Florida are growing like mad with their low taxes and open spaces. New York, California, and Illinois are shrinking. This will make it tough for the Democrats to hold Congress because Republican state legislators control the majority of states and will do what they do best, gerrymandering districts to make it tough for the Dems to hold the House in 2022

It appears that Biden is going to advocate a far left agenda Wednesday night to make Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez jump for joy, knowing that not much will pass other than huge money being thrown at his combination climate change and infrastructure ideas, which will accomplish little except building charging stations all over the place to stand idle. 

Meanwhile, as the left media fawns over Joe Biden’s speech to Congress, the majority of American men will be thinking about the NFL draft happening Thursday night, and what players their favorite teams will pick in the first two rounds.

As the league has become more and more quarterback dependent, it is expected that Jacksonville will pick Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence first, and then the trades and surprises will excite America. Zach Wilson of BYU may go second to the New York Jets, but don’t be surprised if it is Justin Fields from Ohio State, Trey Lance from North Dakota State, or possibly Mac Jones from Alabama. 

My prediction is the Chicago Bears will throw everything they have to move up from 11 to 4 or 5 to get a quarterback. The Chicago fans will never accept Andy Dalton as Mitchell Trubisky’s replacement. 

Interesting TV coming up tonight and Thursday. President Joe Biden is not my pick in the ratings.

Question: Are you more interested in Biden’s State of the Union or the NFL Draft?

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13 thoughts on “Biden is Not My Number One Pick

  1. John H

    I would love nothing more than to say “That is a dumb question”. The fact that I can’t is part of our problem.

  2. HowardR

    I know I am different than most but, I have given up the over paid NFL babies that are not man enough to respect a flag that gives them the freedom to get paid more than they are worth to play ball.
    Also, I will not say what I truly think of the Biden white house. All I can say is I refuse to listen to anyone who has never had a real job or has never made a honest buck. As most evenings I will be in my shop alone with my music up load and making parts on my three Ganesh machines. Happy Times!

  3. Steve+Krom

    Lloyd, you seem to think the president can make miracles happen like adding to the Supreme Court and making the District of Columbia an entity with two Senators. If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you called the Golden Gate. Me thinks you are getting overworked over something that isn’t going to happen. Maybe you should meditate instead of reading and listening to inflammatory media. FDR couldn’t do that and he had a depression to work on with 30% unemployment.
    Please relax and do some deep breathing exercise.

  4. Lloyd+Graff

    Hi Steve,

    I meditate frequently. Thanks.

    I agree. Court packing is unlikely and even bringing it up is a loser for Dems. With the census and the usual loss of seats in midyear elections the Biden Pelosi team will be pelosers. I suppose this is why they are trying to break the bank this year on grandiose proposals, hoping for fat scraps. Wondering, do you think the country will really shift quickly away from carbon fuel. I hedged by buying Generac stock, America’s biggest generator company. For when the wind stops and the clouds come through.

  5. Joe

    Couldn’t care less about either. Somewhat bummed that sunny and 70’s is bookending the rainy low 50’s the world will see tonight in C town. Almost said “my C town”, but since the riots 11 months ago we are estranged. Upside- 46 says you can now go outside by yourself without a mask- IF you’re fully vaccinated! I truly feel bad for people that hang on every word.

  6. Steve+Krom

    I leave all of the investment decisions to my wife of almost 40 years. She’s been a great partner and her investment advice has put us in the position of being ok in our retirement years. We hold Apple, Microsoft, Google, Vanguard funds, cash and some real estate. Latest stock purchases were UPS and Unilever. She feels that the market will respond to not good news because the good news is all baked in right now. Be careful out there.
    Grand plans that were mentioned last night will be pared down, just like negotiating a machinery deal so everybody gets something and we will continue to come back.
    Glad Russell Wilson didn’t get picked off by the Bears. He still has some good years here.

  7. Gary

    seem to be a bit biased against Joe.

    Hard to understand being biased against anyone who replaced the most unfit, unqualified conman of the last four years.

  8. Marikat

    It’s a shame and missed opportunity that Trump did not leverage Operation Warp Speed in his reelection campaign. A shame that his supporters consist of many conspiracy theorists, so instead he rallied on fears, communism, “sleepy Joe”. If he was a bit more positive minded he would have almost certainly won.

  9. Ron

    “This will make it tough for the Democrats to hold Congress because Republican state legislators control the majority of states and will do what they do best, gerrymandering districts to make it tough for the Dems to hold the House in 2022”
    Lloyd, you live in Illinois where Dems continue to write the book on gerrymandering.


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